Friday, March 15, 2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Howdy, it's Josh here and I'll be reviewing the latest in the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops II. Black Ops takes place in the the year of 2025 and periods in the 1980's. But let's get real, the story behind all the Call of Duty games are the same thing. Someone wants to take over the world and you play hero. It's good but it feels like a cookie cutter formula. Game play feels unchanged but still solid.   The most dramatic change in this game is the use of futuristic use of weapons and gadgets. It provides a fun new way to dispose of enemies. Zombies are back and quite frankly, it's great. In some aspects, it's the best part of the game. The zombie mode feels defined and fun. But multiplayer is what made the COD franchise what it is today. It's the bread and butter of the FPS shooters history. However, it feels the same. It give the same feeling as all the other games did. You put the game in for the first time. Then there's the feeling of new maps and weapons. The great feeling when you start leveling up for the first time. Everything feels new and exciting. But once you get past all the new guns, the gadgets and the maps, it's the same run, aim, shoot game. It was hard to get excited for Black Ops II, not because it was a bad game, but the franchise has a history of being repetitive and has a hard time differentiating itself from the previous game. The gameplay was never bad, hell, it's down right good. But after a while, it starts to feel bland and maybe that's what the franchise needs. A new perspective. This game gets a 7 outta 10.

Parental view of this game:
Don't buy this game for your kids. It's violent & swears and sets a terrible example how to live life. And the people talking over voice chat are some or the most offensive things ever. Don't get this game for kids. 

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