Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rant time.

 Josh here. Alright, this rant has been locked away in my head for quite sometime but i now have the venue to rant away so hear me out for one second. I am a huge Grand Thief Auto fan. I remember playing GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas and being completely being blow away. It was the small things that blew me away. 3 weapon tiers, the side missions and random jobs you can do for fun like the taxi missions. The fun never really ended. Graphics were top notch for their times. The cheeky adult humor confused me as a kid but now as an adult, I find them hilarious. Now when GTA IV came out, I was taken back. The game was gorgeous. The environment was one of those games where you didn't do anything but just look around. And the story... my God. The story was flawless and was so in depth I still believe that it based off real characters. But then I noticed something once I finished the game. Once I beat the game, the game was over. Sure, I could explore and cause havoc in Liberty City but there were no side missions. The taxi, ambulance and fire fighter side missions were gone. Then only two weapon tiers. Limited clothing and styling choices. No planes to fly. All these things, these small details bothered me. Here's why. It was the small details that made the old games so fun. Instead on being a rampaging killer in Vice City, you could be a taxi driver for a bit. Now, I rant for a reason. GTA V is coming out soon. It looks stunning and Rockstar promises this game to be one of the best they've made with new gameplay changes. I just hope they put the same detail into this as they did with the old games. Until then, I'm stuck playing the classics and occasionally GTA VI.     

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