Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tomb Raided- The Tomb Raider Review

Sorry for the long absence but I'm back to review the reboot of Tomb Raider as we see long gaming icon and fearless archaeological heroine Lara Croft back in the spotlight of the gaming world. However, this is not the same Lara that we are used to seeing. The game takes place as Lara sets out on her first adventure which leaves her shipwrecked on an island full of danger. Lara is inexperienced and shows fear which is a change of pace from her previous games. The first hour is chalked full of quick time events, which would normally grind many gamers gears, but is done beautifully and develops Lara from a scared explorer to hardened survivor. The visuals are stunning and is clear that developers, Crystal Dynamics, slaved over the environmental details. Times is in the game, the player is tempted to stop and just admire the environment the player is in. The gameplay is solid. The controls are tight and fluid. However, the game feels like it takes elements from other game and just blends into this game. Sometimes is gave a Uncharted vibe and other times a Gears of War vibe was present. This isn't a bad thing however, it works for this game and is fun to interact with the environment.With all this good that the game gave, it went too far which leads me to this next statement which I will use all caps for. ALL GAMES DO NOT NEED MULTIPLAYER. Dear lord, it's mind numbing and feels tacked on. Personally, i blame Call of Duty for this. Since that games release, it seems like every game with a gun has multiplayer. Game modes in Tomb Raider's multiplayer and standard to any shooter but feels lame in it's executed. But with the travesty of the multiplayer aside, this game gives a solid origin story to favorite heroine while offering fun game play and beautiful environments. This games gets a solid 8.5 outta 10.

Parents: Don't get this for your kids. The old games may have been alright when your played them as a kid but this one is WAAAY different. Blood and violence included in this game.  

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